• Dolph update

    Dolph’s blood results came back. All is well on the blood front! Kidneys, liver, red cell, white cell all in good measure! Yeeeeha!

    Now we’re awaiting results from the urine-protein-creatinine test. First round of urine showed traces of protein in there. Protein in the urine indicates a protein leakage of sorts — it simply shouldn’t be there or at least not in the quantity found. Second round urine test will show the  amount of creatinine in the urine — this may indicate deeper health problems pertaining to the kidneys/liver. Since we’ve already received the blood results, this seems unklikely.  However, it will provide the vet with info on how many fluids Dolph will need in surgery and in recovery. A delicate balance, since the boy also has a heart murmur.

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  • Dolph, day 2

    We let the idea of adopting Dolph go. Though I tossed an turned about it all night trying to put it out of my mind. The next day I drove out to Ptown for a meeting and came home in the early afternoon. I called the pound to see if Dolph had been checked by their vet yet. They said no, but he can be checked out in the next hour and they’d get back to me. So I said, "Sure, in the meantime I’ll drop in with Pixel to introduce them to see if they get along." You know, just to see.

    On the way in I receive a call from the vet tech, explaining that Dolph’s bumps are lipoma (sp?) — fatty deposits resembling small tumours. Nothing malignant, only cosmetic. Fair enough. I walk in with Pixel and we meet with Dolph and Donna, a dog behaviourist. The goal of the meeting is to understand if and how the two boys get a long.  Two boys.  You know the potential for disaster here.

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  • Dolph

    So I have a habit of checking out randomness on Craigslist. I find CL posts entertaining and it’s truly miraculous the gifts this massive marketplace can bring into your life. Needless to say, I found a post which mentioned there was a mini schnauzer at the sf pound.  It was more like this:
    ————–MINI SCHNAUZER AT THE POUND!!!—————-. Truly, the anonymous poster recognized what a crime it is that a schnauzer would be at the pound! A purebred who is not only at the pound, but has been there a bloody month already. I had to pay a visit. The first photo here is what was attached to the CL post.

    I drove 10 minutes to the pound and had a look at the guy they called "Dolph".

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