• on hiatus

    I should have updated this sooner only to say, this blog is on hiatus.

    While I’ve been busy with the usual design consulting work, I’ve also been working on Souciant and contributing a bit, editorially, as well.

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  • meta

    Some hotels have Buddhist scriptures along side the Bible, if  you’re lucky (and so inclined).  Most in the Western hemisphere simply offer the New Testament, especially in the US.

    Suffice it to say, I was a bit surprised and intrigued  when, I found the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at my bedside table instead. Smart marketing, of course.  Also,  just plain smart.

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  • kathryn bigelow day

    Congrats to the woman who scored a couple of Oscars last night. While everyone seems to get off on the fact she beat her ex-husband, among others, for Best Director, she made history by being the first woman to win for directing a feature-length film.  Of course all great things, however, as BlondHouswife just  tweeted:

    “James Cameron consoled himself last night, by rolling in a huge pile of money. Something his ex-wife’s movie will never see.”

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