Something Happened

I can’t tell you. I can’t talk about it. I never can, lest I risk my professional working relationships and career.

Something Happened.

In 1996, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013. But I can’t talk about it. This is how it is being a woman in the technology and design of technology world. Around the world.

Something Happened.

Men, superiors at work, harassed and bullied me even while, or regardless, or because, I was succeeding.

Always men. Always straight, white men.

Something Happened.

We had to pack up our lives and our dogs, on a moment’s notice, and return to the US from Europe because our visas were not secured in time.

Our dogs had to cross the Atlantic, in a plane’s stowage, 2x more within a year because of sexist/misogynistic bullshit.

We kept our rented flat in Europe at the time, rented another in SF while I traveled within the US and to China. Because of a firm’s gross mismanagement. My partner’s visa never materialized in this case and, thus, we moved on.

Something Happened.

I signed an NDA in exchange for a paycheck because I was in dire circumstances. I can’t talk about it.

Something Happened.

The firm I co-founded was not being paid on time or at all by the large organization I was working for. After several months. Why? The team I oversaw and all teams we interacted with were kicking ass. Why?

Something Happened.

I went to art school where I focused on art and technology in addition to painting and drawing. My interest now, as it was then, has been on experience. My art-making experience and the experience of those experiencing it — be it painting or technology.

I’ve only been focused on the work. That means, in these days, the project. I don’t care and haven’t about the organizational politics. As it turns out, this has been to my detriment. Sad but true.

In earlier tech days it was fine. As the stakes have grown so have the politics to a debilitating degree. Shame. For what I could contribute but, far worse, personally.

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